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Mongrel - Evolution EP (Unable Records) CD Review Written by Dom Daley

Posted on June 3, 2014 at 7:25 AM

In the face of adversity and with a seemingly constant battle with line up changes Mongrel visionary and guitarist Adam Savage never once questioned what he was doing and wouldn't rest until his quest was complete and he had a steady band line up that believed and were as committed as he. The result of such unwavering self-belief is 'Evolution', and although its only five tracks it oozes passion and commitment and that quality shines through in the delivery and performance.

The first thing you notice is what a powerhouse this band has in frontwoman Jessica Sierra who has glass shattering pipes, singing with real attitude that really grabs the listener. Opening tune 'Snakes' begins with a groove that's heavy as a breeze block and away goes Mongrel. It’s a familiar mix of metal and punk and the tunes are always brimming with attitude. 'Snakes' is the perfect tune to induct listeners into what this band does and does best.

'Oxygen Mask' builds as the power chords fall from the sky and the bass grabs you with a bright tone before they all work together in that familiar Mongrel groove. 'Consumed' has the heaviness whilst the guitars tries to hypnotise the listener with its riff-a-rama. That punk attitude I mentioned is right in your face on 'Best Revenge' before this brief dalliance is brought to a close with 'Over And Over' with its punchy bass line before the band’s heaviest riff to date slams in and pounds your senses in. You know in fact there are parts of this EP that reminds me of Uber Rock’s very dear friends Bad Sam who maybe attack this music from the punk/metal crossover whereas Mongrel do it the other way around and are metal/punk (when you hear it you'll understand).

So if you like your music to have attitude and lots of loud guitars then get this EP from this East Coast outfit that have plenty of bite to go with their bark, and testify that the Mongrel evolution continues stronger and more hardcore than ever before.

Source: Uber Rock

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